Saturday, June 1, 2013

Red Rocks Canyon Open Space

When we first started hiking this year it was because my sister-in-law Sharon came through for a whirlwind visit and wanted to do some hikes.  We three hiked Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.  Red Rocks Canyon is located off of Hwy 24 and Ridge Road.  Going west on Hwy 24 you would turn left on Ridge Road before you get to Manitou Springs.  Red Rocks Canyon has a plethora of trails to choose from and is unique in that the rock formations all are red in color and go strikingly well with the green of the pine trees.  This is a great starter trail for people who aren't used to the altitude or not yet in shape to climb trails with great elevation changes.

Red Rocks Canyon is  really nice to hike because it doesn't require a long drive into the mountains and you have so many trail choices.  Also, although there are hills to climb, many are gradual ascents.  We were easily able to handle any trail we took and we were not really in shape.  (-;  I think it will be a great way to stay in shape during the winter.  Here is the city of Colorado Springs web page on Red Rocks Canyon:  It tells you the history, location, and has a trail map you can print out.  We are NOT mountain climbers and there are rules for people who choose to do so - see the site.  We hiked without a map -- there are signs to guide you with maps on them, but I think a printed map would have helped in planning our hike.  Here are pictures of some of the sights we saw: